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Soulwork Systemic Coaching

"abounds with tips...men can use to better their life...even offers advice for parents to ensure they don't contribute to a future dweeb."  --Just Out--  Floyd Sklaver, May 16, 2003

"...compelling...Mr. McCusker is a sort of jock/philosopher...on the many relationship and fashion problems we all have.  I felt better looking and smarter as I turned the pages...wives and girlfriends would also find much to like in this tasty tome...It's so damn smart!  Buy it !  Buy it!  --Metro G--  Joe Mack, June 6, 2003

"offers an in-depth view [on] personality, habits, routine, and...how...life can be improved.  From Dweeb to Adonis is an original, "user-friendly" advisory...and a commendable addition to self-help, self-improvement reading lists..."  --Midwest Book Review--  September 18, 2003


Book of the Month! Men's Studies
From Dweeb to Adonis: The Complete Guide to Manly Excellence by Peter H. McCusker (AuthorHouse, 2003)

This book tells it like it is: Survival of the strongest, and prettiest. We do judge a book by its cover when it comes to human behavior.  Well-researched.  Uses very recent data from the emerging Evolutionary Psychology movement.  McCusker preaches body-building as one way for men to reach their full physical potential.  "Today we have nonphysical jobs, sit around a lot, don't make time to excercise, and enjoy eating more than our body needs."  Of course two-thirds of American adults are overweight.  Refreshingly explicit on Sex and other issues. What is most amazing is that the Author is a Gay Man yet displays an amazingly accurate understanding of heterosexual relationships.   Also, honest and detailed description of what organized religion, particularly Christianity and the Catholic Church has done to destroy the human spirit over thousands of years...Good writing style and lack of typos.  Overall, an excellent addition to Men's Studies.  175 pages. ISBN: 1-4033-8454-1.  --Independent Publishing Review--  Eric Dondero, Fall 2003


Buy it now at www.authorhouse.com

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