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From Dweeb to Adonis

Peter McCusker has passed away. Please see Amazon.com to order books.


Author Peter H. McCusker


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Table of Contents

From Dweeb to Adonis
The Complete Guide to Manly Excellence
Peter H. McCusker

Who among us doesn't want to have a handsome face, a beautiful and muscular body, good intellect, have romance in his life or be in a satisfying relationship not to mention a satiating and a gratifying sex life? Everyone would like to have it all. However, society does little to teach people how to acquire these qualities and more often than not, it discourages people from trying their best. Peter McCusker's From Dweeb to Adonis (now available through AuthorHouse), examines human behavior and desire and offers practical advice on going beyond these characteristics.

From self-actualization and interdisciplinary enlightenment to drop dead good looks and a magnificent physique, From Dweeb to Adonis puts together a whole package for the mind and body. It will offer insights on intimate relationships and exotic sexuality and will explain the importance of a positive upbringing to live a fantastic life. By being open to both constructive criticism and new ways of thinking, the reader will learn how to capitalize on his assets to the best of his abilities.

An excerpt of the book reads, "Many people argue that our culture is too obsessed with beauty. They say that we should be more concerned about compassion, caring, honesty, and integrity. While these qualities are all-important attributes, there is no reason why inner and outer beauty can't be both developed. Caring and compassion includes helping people look more beautiful. Outer beauty is part of the game of life and it is wrong to pretend that it doesn't matter."

This book is an excellent and entertaining guide to help men get their act together. Born in 1955, in Red Wing, Minnesota, Peter McCusker was his high school valedictorian and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls in 1977. He currently lives outside of Medford, Oregon and this is his first book.

This book is available through www.authorhouse.com as both an eBook and as a paperback. It is also available through www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. For a personally signed copy or more information contact Peter McCusker at pmccusker@charter.net..... Peter has passed away. Signed copies are no longer available.

This month's manly tip from my book:Good looks are a part of the game of life and it is wrong to pretend that it doesn't matter.

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