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D id you know...?

    --that average-looking faces are most beautiful?

    --that symmetrical bodies and faces are more attractive?

    --why most men are clean-shaven?

    --that “bad hair days” make people feel less smart, less sociable, and more embarrassed?

    --that all human and mammal infants look “cute” with  round heads, small faces, and big eyes?

    --that men have shorter, thicker necks and deeper sockets for their eyes than do women?

    --how to improve your eyesight without optical aid or surgery?

    --that married couples live longer than singles?

    --that women fantasize romance more, but men are actually more romantic?

    --that HOW couples fight, not whether they do, determines the success of the relationship?

    --that men can’t tolerate too much intense sharing of feelings like women can?

    --that with our sensuous, naked skin, humans are the most sexually passionate of all the animals?

    --that sex is a whole body, multisensual experience that is a better high than any drug?

    --that large eye pupils are a sign of arousal?

    --how men can become multiorgasmic?

    --how a simple do-it-yourself procedure can make a penis look longer?

    --that “button noses” look attractive because they mimic the head of a penis?

    --that European teens have much fewer STD’s and pregnancies due to taboo-free sex education?

    --that no one gets depressed for not being intelligent?

    --that you can’t be insulted unless you consent to it?

    --that self-esteem must be earned and can’t be given or taken away by others?

    --that children need more than just love from their parents?

    --that some shy kids may escape the pain of their social inhibitions with science fiction fantasies?

    --that risky teenage behavior is a natural part of developing maturity?

    --that by our 20’s we lose our adaptability for developing highly demanding new skills?

These and many other questions answered in Peter H. McCusker’s From Dweeb to Adonis    

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